6 Signs You Need To Invest In A Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is a key component to any house, and affects your mood and how you interact with the rest of the home. It’s the focal point for how you and your family function day to day and where you spend a huge amount of time.

So here are 6 ways to know whether you need to invest in a kitchen remodel to bring some life back into your house.

1. Sink Is Oddly Placedstocksnap_0vphdku2fj

The placement of your kitchen sink is extremely important to the flow of your kitchen (see the next section as well). In this day and age, the sink should typically be placed with a window directly in front of it, hopefully with a great view!

This in itself could be a sign you need to remodel, but check out what happens if some other things aren’t in the right spot . . .

2. Your Layout Doesn’t Flow

Have you heard of the ‘work triangle’? It’s a way of creating a clear, unobstructed path between the sink, fridge and stove/oven which makes cooking and entertaining a lot easier. If you find that you tend to bump into your co-cook, or people who are just passing through the kitchen area, you should really look at the layout of the kitchen and make sure to utilize the ‘work triangle’.

3. Countertops Are Minimal

If everytime you clean the clutter off of your countertops, you still can’t fit anything on them, you may need additional counter space. The problem might not be that you have too many appliances or storage jars, it might be that your kitchen was designed for a 1980s or 1990s style of cooking which is just plain different than what you need today.

Worktop space is valuable real estate, so making sure you have enough of it is a worthy investment.

4. Coordinated Flooring

Does the flooring from your kitchen to your dining room match exactly or at least coordinate? Is it unlevel, or heavily worn? It may be time to redo that flooring and get something more updated, possibly an entirely new material (maybe something easier to clean so you’re not scrubbing on your hands and knees for half a day!).

5. Current Cabinets & Storage Just Don’t Work

Kitchen cabinets and storage areas aren’t just utilitarian, they’re also the face of your kitchen. If they’re falling apart at the seams or not able to close because they just don’t have enough room for everything you need, it’s time to consider a kitchen remodel.

6. It’s Just Time

If you’re just plain bored of your kitchen, tired of cooking there day after day and struggling with the same failings and imperfections, it’s probably time to attack your kitchen remodel head on. Find a great kitchen remodeler to work with, hash out a design and get to it! Good luck!

The Most Underrated Company In Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting is a heck of an industry, especially when we’re talking about healthcare IT, and there are a ton of players. But some fly under the radar more than others, and deserve some serious accolades.

The company I believe is the most underrated, especially in San Diego, CA, is Netgain! Netgain is based in Minnesota, but has a branch in San Diego and serves a ton of healthcare clients here. Let’s go over why I think they’re the most underrated company in private cloud hosting.


Netgain has a ton of amazing testimonials from across the nation. From South Carolina to Illinois, Minnesota to California, healthcare organizations across the country keep signing their praises.

The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute noted that they have been clients of Netgain for a few years, and that they definitely made the right decision hiring Netgain and are especially pleased with Netgain’s depth of knowledge around security and ePHI.

CareSouth Carolina says Netgain exceeds their expectations and industry standards. They noted Netgain is very responsive with a deep knowledge of IT needs in the medical industry.

Born From IT Experts

The firm was founded by IT experts, like Founder & President Scott Warzecha, VP of Operations Matt Riley and VP of Technology Scott Baynes are all extremely experienced in IT with decades in the industry, and Riley has nearly two decades in the healthcare industry as well.

These guys know how to handle healthcare IT architecture, and have hired people who can take care of their customers just as they would. These experts are on hand and ready to help you make it happen!

Any Size Client

And while Netgain isn’t really well known around here yet (thus the topic), they are ready to help your organization no matter what size! They have generic package ideas to help healthcare organizations get a handle on their IT, from 25-50 employees, 50-250 employees or more than 250 employees.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Event Catering Experience

Hiring a caterer is a difficult job, but if you’re hosting a large event like a wedding, expo, speaker or something else you will need to get the best caterer possible for your needs and build a direct, trusting relationship. Here’s how to do it.

Get Referrals/Check ReviewsCatering

One of the most important steps you can take is to check into the background of the company. It’s important to ask friends and families for referrals, as getting a referral from a banquet hall or hotel is not always trustworthy, as they can get kickbacks from the catering company.

It’s also important to check out the reviews of catering companies, and see if people have enjoyed their services in the past. Be careful of caterers with a 5-star average though, as their reviews may be fabricated.

Ask The Right Questions

When planning your event, you have a lot on your mind. So when you meet with your caterer, be sure to write down the questions you have before you get there so you don’t get overwhelmed!

The most important questions to ask are of course about cost and the number of guests they can serve, but there are other questions which should be on the table as well, like:

  • Are you a full-service catering company, or do you just drop off the food?
  • What food service options do you provide, i.e. buffet, full-service, etc.?
  • Do you serve alcohol? If not, can you recommend a trustworthy vendor that you are comfortable coordinating with?
  • From where do you source your ingredients?
  • What do you do with the leftovers? How much extra will it cost to box up leftover food for guests?
  • Are you willing to make food which isn’t on the menu?

Be Ready For Your Tasting

This is one of the most important pieces of hiring a caterer. Don’t be afraid to be direct and honest, you won’t hurt the chef or staff’s feelings; they’ve probably heard much worse during their career.

If you don’t like something, speak up; there may be other options. Also, be sure to taste the drinks with the food, especially if you are having wine or a specialty drink. Just take small sips so the alcohol doesn’t impair your judgement.

Keep Communication Open

Finally, be sure to keep communication fluid between yourself and the caterers. Make sure there is a point-person assigned from the catering team for you to talk with. Pick up the phone when you have questions, especially if the wedding is coming up soon; emails can get lost or take days to go back and forth on something which could be handled in 10 minutes over the phone.

Hopefully these tips help you get the most out of your catering experience, and you have an awesome event!

What Is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private cloud hosting. You may have heard of cloud hosting, and you may use it for personal reasons through a service like Google Drive.

Private cloud hosting offers many more benefits than regular cloud hosting, and is much more useful for sensitive and regulated businesses like those in the financial or health sectors.

What Is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private cloud hosting is a series of remotely located servers, accessible to your team via the internet, which is secure and for your business’ use only.

This differs from traditional cloud hosting, where the servers would be accessible to many different groups and not nearly as secure.

Private cloud hosting ensures only one business has access to a number of physical servers, which are operated virtually.

What Are The Benefits?

Higher Security/ReliabilityPrivate Cloud Hosting

Public clouds can have a certain amount of security, but private clouds have a much higher ability to maintain your security and the security of your clients. A private cloud can be made to be accessible only to connections coming from behind your specific firewall and/or through dedicated service lines, among other features.

Private clouds are also more reliable, as your business will have dedicated space with options for room to grow. If a section of actual servers should fail, the processes are quickly and seamlessly moved to another set of servers inside your private cloud.

More Control

A private cloud is only accessible by a single organization, so you have much more control over the features and configuration of it as you don’t have to share it with anyone else. Customize to your heart’s content!

Cost/Energy Efficiency

Having a private cloud – as opposed to hosting physical servers on your property – can improve the allocation of resources in your organization, since everything will be available to those who need it quickly.

The amount of processing power available to departments is also variable depending on their need, and can be increased at will. Compared to physical servers, there is a significant savings in capital investment and investment in capacity which might not be used very often. This can also reduce the carbon footprint for your organization.